La Fleur Diffuser: Nature’s Artistry in Aromatherapy


At rareESSENCE, we’ve always been proud of our reed diffusers, beloved by thousands worldwide for their ability to gently suffuse living spaces with delicate scents. Unlike others, we craft ours exclusively with pure essential oils — a labor of love that demands precise formulation and a commitment to quality that elevates our scents above the rest.


Yet, our passion for perfection drove us to dream bigger — to innovate beyond the traditional reeds. It was on a visionary sourcing expedition that our founder unearthed a remarkable discovery: artisans masterfully shaping paper-thin slices of tapioca root into stunningly beautiful flowers.


These unique diffusers are not just visually striking; they are ingeniously designed with a natural cotton wick that absorbs and elevates the essential oils through the flower, significantly increasing the surface area for diffusion compared to ordinary reeds. The result? A fragrance that not only fills your space more efficiently but also endures, lasting 2-3 months of aromatic bliss. This natural diffusion method ensures that the essential oils retain their therapeutic properties and fragrance integrity.


The La Fleur Diffuser adds a touch of elegance to any room, blending seamlessly with both contemporary and traditional decors.

Refresh La Fleur diffuser

Two Signature Scents


The La Fleur Diffuser is available in two captivating rareESSENCE aromas:


REFRESH: Energize and uplift your spirits with this invigorating blend, perfect for creating a refreshing atmosphere in your home or office with zesty notes of Bergamot, Grapefruit and Sweet Orange.


DREAM: Unwind and relax with this soothing blend, ideal for promoting a peaceful and restful environment, enhancing your bedtime routine.


Sustainability Meets Style


Committed to ecological responsibility, the La Fleur Diffuser is wonderfully sustainable, utilizing renewable resources and handmade processes that minimize environmental impact. By choosing the La Fleur Diffuser, you’re not only beautifying your home but also supporting environmentally friendly practices.


Dream La Fleur diffuser

Breathe Deep, Be Well

The rareESSENCE La Fleur Diffuser invites you to breathe deeply and enhance your well-being naturally. Its gentle release of essential oils ensures a continuous, subtle fragrance that can help calm the mind, invigorate the soul, and cleanse the air around you.


Transform your home into a sanctuary of health and harmony with the rareESSENCE La Fleur Diffuser. Experience the perfect blend of nature’s beauty and therapeutic aromatherapy every day. Breathe in the benefits of our all-natural, sustainably crafted diffusers and feel your best, naturally.

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