In response to the recent irresponsible marketing of other companies, who have made false and misleading claims that their product can be used to combat the coronavirus (COVID-19) in some way, our team at rareESSENCE would like to make it abundantly clear that our products are not intended to prevent, treat, or cure the coronavirus (COVID-19). rareESSENCE prioritizes consumer safety, compliance and integrity in its business and marketing practices.


rareEARTH Naturals 100% Safe Ingredients

“I thought I wouldn’t find a fragrance I liked more then rareESSENCE’s Morocco or Cairo…until Peace arrived today…I’m in heaven! Love your candles, Thank You!”
I have searched and searched and tried many “natural” perfumes… rareESSENCE perfumes are above and beyond the best quality product I have tried.
I love rareESSENCE’s Vivace Perfume and just ordered two more bottles today.  I eat, drink and indulge in health and beauty products that are organic.  My philosophy is “pay now so you don’t have to pay later with medical expenses.”
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