Why rareCBD

Farm to Shelf

We are passionate about sourcing high quality ingredients and maintaining close relationships with the farms and families that supply our hemp and essential oils. We support sustainable farming practices, which in turn supports our environment, and ensures premium products for your benefit. Learn more about our story.


Our extraction process results in a whole-plant, broad spectrum CBD oil that is THC-free. THC-containing products are problematic based on current state and federal laws For your sake and ours, we’ve chosen to avoid it altogether.

Broad Spectrum

Broad Spectrum oil removes all detectable traces of THC, while preserving the other naturally occurring compounds in the plant. With this, we offer the winning formula that the market and the law demands.

No Isolates

Our products contain no CBD isolates. CBD isolate is the single chemical compound of cannabidiol (CBD) isolated (as a powder), removing the other symbiotic plant compounds. By not using isolates, we avoid potential legal issues that may arise with changing FDA regulations.


Our products are manufactured in a USDA Organic Certified facility. Of course, every product lot is sent out for 3rd party testing , ensuring safety and quality standards are followed.

Third-Party Lab Testing

Every batch of our oil is tested by a third-party lab, and comes with a complete Certificate of Analysis, demonstrating the safety, purity and quality of the product.

See our batch reports for more info.

Organic Certified

The majority of our products are certified as “Made with Organic”. Read the ingredient list, and enjoy the simple beauty of a product you can trust.


We offer high potency formulations. See our product specs for more info.

Premium Skin Feel

Our topical products have a luxurious and premium skin-feel, made possible by our high quality ingredients and our expert formulators.

Essential Oils

In addition to their beautiful aromas, the essential oils we use with our CBD formulations take advantage of terpenes (like b-caryophyllene) that are synergistic with the CBD hemp extract, improving bio-availabilty and absorption.