The rareCBD story

We’ve long believed in the power of plants and their concentrated extracts to assist in the body’s natural systems of defense and homeostasis. Over twenty years ago, we began to research how the hemp plant could be used for fiber, food and personal care products, and were excited by its versatility and promise. We were first interested in hemps potential to help meet, in an ecologically sustainable way, many of our needs for fiber, oil, food and plastics. As we learned more, we became intrigued by possible health benefits afforded by the plant, and the promise of this compound in hemp called cannabidiol, or CBD. In 2012, we began our investigation into CBD, excited and encouraged by the research and anecdotes that showed people were getting relief for a variety of issues

Being in the business of plants and essential oils, we were also intrigued by the fact that CBD and essential oils shared similar terpenes and other properties. We began exploring the potential synergy between essential oils and hemp extract. Could a certain, selective combination of the two enhance the function of CBD on the body? We believed so. In anticipation of CBD becoming legal, we plowed ahead to source premium, US-grown, hemp-derived CBD, and began developing products to share with our customers that were in line with our highest values – quality, transformation, truth, environmental responsibility and satisfaction.

With the passing of the 2018 Farm Bill, hemp CBD became legal at the federal level, and the barriers that prevented us from introducing our CBD products were removed. This opened the doors for us to move forward with this line, long in development.

Our new rareCBD line is the culmination of that journey.

We are now thrilled to deliver our premium CBD products to you!

We hope you love them as much as we do.