THC-containing products are problematic based on current state and federal laws. Many employers, athletes and others need drug tests to be clean and free of THC. Others simply prefer not to ingest THC for personal reasons. Many other products that contain full spectrum oils (low percentage THC) will result in testing failures. With so many people wanting CBD, and yet so many still needing to be free and clear of THC, we developed a product line that would offer the broad-based hemp plant constituents (terpenes, cannabinoids, flavonoids, fatty acids, etc), while removing THC.

Please note, however, that some drug tests are so sensitive they will pick up on trace amounts of THC or falsely identify THC (mistaking CBD for THC) on a test after someone has ingested broad spectrum or even isolated CBD products. That being said, if you have to pass a drug test that screens for THC, please know you are taking a chance when using any CBD product.