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Frequently Asked Questions2019-10-16T15:55:39-05:00
What is the difference between a soy or beeswax candle and a paraffin candle?2019-10-16T15:54:08-05:00

Paraffin, unlike soy or beeswax is made from a non-renewable resource. Parrafin is the final by-product of petroleum. Burning paraffin candles releases harmful pollutants into the air.

Soy is made from a renewable resource. Our GMO-free soy is grow right here in the Midwest, supporting American farmers. Soy candles are clean burning. Non-toxic soy candles burn at a lower temperature, this means your candle will burn longer. Soy candle wax is biodegradable, gentle on the earth. By using a small amount of beeswax, we support the local bee population.

Why is there a dusty film on my soy candle?2019-10-16T15:54:08-05:00

This is called “blooming”. It is a natural characteristic of plant-based waxes. In fact, this is how you can tell that you have a pure and natural candle. To remove blooming, simply wipe candle with a smooth cloth.

Do votives need to be placed in a votive holder?2019-10-16T15:54:08-05:00

Yes, votive wax will soften and loose its shape when heated, due to the small surface area surrounding the flame. Always use a votive holder when burning a votive!

What is the difference between essential oils and typical fragrance oils?2019-10-16T15:54:08-05:00

Essential oils are 100% natural and come from a variety of plant sources.

Synthetic fragrances, sometimes referred to as “Nature Identicals”, are made from chemicals. Synthetic fragrances are stronger smelling and are known to produce allergic reactions as well as releasing harmful pollutants into the air. rareEARTH Naturals only uses the highest quality pure essential oils in ALL of our products.

How long should I burn my rareEARTH or rareESSENCE candle?2019-10-16T15:54:08-05:00

Soy wax has a memory. The first time you burn your candle, allow the pool of wax to extend almost to the rim off the candle. This usually translates to burning one hour for every inch of the candle’s diameter. Never burn a soy candle for longer than 4 hours – this can cause the wax to get soft and spill out the sides.

Where are rareEARTH Naturals candles made?2019-10-16T15:54:08-05:00

All of our Pure and Natural products are made in our Chanhassen, MN studio.

How do I clean up soy wax spills?2019-10-16T15:54:08-05:00

Unlike paraffin wax, which can be impossible to remove, soy wax cleans up easily with soap and water. Let the wax harden, scrape of excess wax, and wipe the area with hot soapy water.

What is natural perfume?2019-10-16T15:54:08-05:00

Fragrances made from natural ingredients such as essential oils and absolutes. rareESSENCE perfumes also include FES Flower Essences, which promote emotional well-being.

What’s the difference between natural perfume and other perfumes?2019-10-16T15:54:08-05:00

Typically, conventional perfumes are mass produced and include synthetic aroma chemicals.  These blends usually contain a vague “fragrance” ingredient on the label.  These notes are created from synthetic aroma compounds, often from petrochemicals and can include phthalates.

Natural perfume contains ingredients sourced from nature – pure essential oil aromas, flower essences, and concretes. Our products contain no synthetic ingredients that effect scent sensitivities or pose harm to the body.

Why are some of the perfumes colored? Do you dye them?2019-10-16T15:54:08-05:00

We do not use any dyes or coloring. Many essential oils are brightly colored, thus allowing the perfume to take on take on their hues. Our Amani perfume, for instance, gets its serene blue color from Australian Blue Cypress essential oil!

Do natural perfumes last as long on the skin as synthetic perfumes?2019-10-16T15:54:08-05:00

Natural perfumes are less harsh, and tend to dissipate more quickly than conventional perfumes. We recommended using rareESSENCE perfumes on pulse points and in your hair or scarf. Each perfume reacts differently depending on one’s natural body composition, and may require additional application as it wears off during the day.

Are your perfumes organic?2019-10-16T15:54:08-05:00

While we utilize many organic materials in our perfumes (certified organic jojoba oil for each roll-on perfume, and organic & biodynamic grape and cane alcohols in each spray atomizer), they are not 100% organic. Many essential oils are not certified organic, as they come from all over the world – each country has it’s own certification standards. We strive to create beautiful natural perfumes and choose our natural essences based on aroma, sourcing as directly as possible to the essential oil distillers to ensure the freshest and most pure oils possible!

What about allergies and scent sensitivities? How will rareEARTH fragrances effect these conditions?2019-10-16T15:54:09-05:00

Many of us have experienced strong reactions to typical fragrances, including coughing, sneezing, throat irritation, headaches, and even trouble breathing. These reactions won’t happen with natural perfumes, as many field tests have confirmed. One may have an allergy to certain ingredients – perhaps an herb or flower that you already know about when it causes you to sneeze in its growing form (for example, a rose). However, you should not have a dramatic reaction, as every essential oil comes directly from nature.

How are rareESSENCE Reed Diffusers different from the diffusers I find in many home stores?2019-10-16T15:54:09-05:00

Conventional reed diffusers, even if they are created with essential oils, typically use a base of dipropylene glycol. This is the same ingredient that is considered the “less- toxic” ingredient in antifreeze. These also contain many phthalates – a known hormone disrupter in the human endocrine system. We certainly don’t want to be breathing these chemicals in!

rareESSENCE diffusers contain an innovative base of unique essential oils that help our aromatheraputic essential oil blend flow up the reeds and disperse into the air. There are no toxins or chemical bases in our products whatsoever!

Can I use rareESSENCE Reed Diffusers on my skin?2019-10-16T15:54:09-05:00

While our reed diffusers are created with only pure essential oils and use no alcohol or solvent bases, we do not recommend using the oils on your skin. Essential oils should always have a carrier (like jojoba oil) when used on skin, as some may have mild reactions to these concentrated essences.

I’ve heard about top, middle, and base notes – what are those?2019-10-16T15:54:09-05:00

Top notes reach our sense of smell first, forming the scent’s initial impression and quickly dissipating. Many of them are familiar herbs and spices such as coriander, spearmint, black pepper, cardamom, juniper, basil, tarragon, lime, bitter orange, blood orange, tangerine, pink grapefruit.

Flowers like geranium, rose, jasmine, and ylang ylang provide the middle notes to many blends. Dramatic, intense, and even sometimes sweet, middle notes give body to blends. These middle notes bring out the best in other fragrances.

Base notes usually evolve over the course of hours or even days. They are often thick, and most are derived from bark, roots (like angelica), resins, lichens, saps, and grasses.