rare earth rare essence essential oil perfume sampler

“I LOVE my rareESSENCE spray and roll-on perfumes. I get compliments daily. People comment on how lovely I smell. Knowing its a natural product makes me feel good too! I like to keep the roll-on in my purse for touch-ups during the day. Thank you for making such an appealing and delicious fragrance!”
– Nanci from Massachusetts

rareEARTH Naturals rareESSENCE Perfume Lilura   rareEARTH Naturals rareESSENCE Perfume Amani

I am IN LOVE with Amani and Lilura scents!  I use the roll-on and spray and have shifted to these only for scents (no conventional perfumes).  Every time I’m around others who haven’t smelled me yet (you know what I mean) I get comments such as “you smell soooo good- like a spa!” and “you smell yoga-like and awesome”!  I am a yoga instructor and appreciate the product – it is subtle, not over-powering for when I teach since I sweat and also adjust students – everyone is happy.  Thanks for a great product!
– Linda from Wisconsin

rareEARTH Naturals rareESSENCE Perfume Amani   rareEARTH Naturals rareESSENCE Perfume Bujari

I have searched and searched and tried many “natural” perfumes… rareESSENCE Aromatherapy is above and beyond the best quality product I have tried. Love, love, love Amani for day wear. I am a teacher who works with students who have special needs, so it is very important to wear a fragrance that is soothing. I believe it has a calming effect on those around me! At night I wear another fantastic scent, Bujari, which is sweet yet sensual. I use the roll-on versions which are very convenient to carry in your purse and reapply during the day/evening! Thanks for your commitment to creating these unique essences!
– Joyce from Ohio


    rareEARTH diffusers

  “I just love your candles and diffusers. The scents are amazing!”
– Nancy

I love my rareESSENCE candles. They smell so good. I light them about two hours before I put my child to sleep and she sleeps a little better. Thank you guys so much for making a really great product.
– April from Arizona

rareEARTH Naturals rareESSENCE Room Mist Meditation

“I am in love! Meditation is a fantastic blend of natural scents, it’s intoxicating. Thank you for making such a terrific, natural product.”
– Laura

rareEARTH Naturals rareESSENCE Room Diffuser Peace

I’ve had the pleasure of using rareESSENCE oil diffusers and candles in my hypnotherapy office for several years. The Peace reed diffuser fragrance instantly calms my clients as they enter my waiting room. I also spritz Peace or Snowflake oil mist and light a rareESSENCE candle during sessions. rareESSENCE natural oils and candles are the perfect products for creating calm and relaxation in my therapy environment. 
– Kristin from Minnesota

    rareEARTH perfumes

I love your products because you use 100% essential oils. Your candles are gorgeous. I give them to my friends and neighbors for special occasions or just to share for a thank you gift. I keep the roll on parfum in my purse and often use the parfum sprays on my pillow cases for restful sleep.
– Gail from California

rareEARTH Naturals rareESSENCE Perfume Vivace

I love rareESSENCE’s Vivace Perfume and just ordered two more bottles today.  I eat, drink and indulge in health and beauty products that are organic.  My philosophy is “pay now so you don’t have to pay later with medical expenses.” I enjoy a spicy, bold perfume that is not overpowering, and Vivace is the perfect fragrance for me!
– Mary from Florida

rareEARTH Naturals rareESSENCE Perfume Beleza

Thank you for having these very nice and really rare products. I was in Whole Foods few months ago and I bought the best parfum – Beleza. It is very natural, nice and safe for use, and I just love it!
– Petya