Is CBD Legal?

Until recently, hemp and many products made from hemp, like CBD, were illegal in the United States despite their non-intoxicating properties. With the passage of [...]

Is CBD Legal?2020-03-04T10:51:09-06:00

Is rareCBD organic?

The majority of our CBD products are certified organic by an official USDA organic certifier to the “Made with Organic” category. In many of our [...]

Is rareCBD organic?2020-03-04T10:51:09-06:00

Why THC free?

THC-containing products are problematic based on current state and federal laws. Many employers, athletes and others need drug tests to be clean and free of [...]

Why THC free?2020-03-04T10:51:08-06:00

What is broad spectrum oil?

Broad Spectrum oil removes all detectable traces of THC, while preserving the other naturally occurring compounds (terpenes, cannabinoids, flavonoids, fatty acids, etc) in the plant. [...]

What is broad spectrum oil?2020-03-04T10:51:08-06:00

How much CBD is right for me?

Every body is different, and our varying physiology and genetic make ups influence how our bodies process, absorb, and utilize different compounds. This is true [...]

How much CBD is right for me?2020-03-04T10:51:08-06:00

How much CBD is in a dropper?

For our Liquid Drops, the dropper is metered, so you can see and refine how many milliliters of oil you’re getting. A full dropper contains [...]

How much CBD is in a dropper?2020-03-04T10:51:08-06:00

How much CBD is in a drop?

For the 1000mg Liquid Drops products, there is approximately 1.7mg CBD per drop. For the 300mg Liquid Drops products, there is approximately 0.5mg CBD per [...]

How much CBD is in a drop?2020-03-04T10:51:07-06:00

Is your CBD water soluble?

There’s nothing inherently wrong with water-soluble products, but the process of making an oil water-soluble adds additional ingredients that we would like to avoid when [...]

Is your CBD water soluble?2020-03-04T10:51:07-06:00
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